Main Line: 0114 278 7244
Address 110-120 Wicker, Sheffield, S3 8JD


P T Care UK helps with and provides all home and personal care including treatment of disease, disorder and injury where needed. We cook meals, give companionship, run the home and shop for or with the client – all as required and agreed in the individual Care Plan. We could be at the client’s home all of the time, 24-hours a day, with a two hour break each day, 7-days a week to sit-in with the client or for respite.

Choosing how to handle the care of a loved one in their later years is a difficult decision; you want to do what’s best for your family. There is no right or wrong, every family situation is different. Our aim therefore, is to improve people’s lives by promoting independence and choice for all our service users. We provide a range of care, health and housing options. So whatever your needs are you can rest assured of our support to enable you achieve good quality life.